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Ladies and Gentlemen,

once again we are glad to present you a new catalogue with catering equipment and stainless steel furniture manufactured in our plant in Wieleń. Many years of experience and modern machinery allow us to guarantee the highest production standards and innovative design solutions.

As a standard, our products are made of AISI 430 grade stainless steel whereas elements most exposed to chemical and organic agents, i.e. worktops of tables with sinks and fat separators, are made of acid-resistant AISI 304 grade stainless steel. Our furniture can be wholly manufactured from this material. Extra charges for the AISI 304 standard are given for each specific item.

In the catalogue you will find a standard range of our products, with some new items added to this year's offer, including worktops, worktops with sinks, long tables with sinks and 6 legs, as well as loading and unloading tables for extra deep dishwashers.

Most of the furniture presented can be ordered in non-standard dimensions or custom-made in terms of size and finish. To make it easier to use our catalogue, we revised and supplemented pages with technical drawings specifying basic dimensions and design solutions.

We offer our Customers the shortest delivery times in Poland, starting at just 10 business days. Though for most products our current prices are slightly higher than previous years, we believe they are still very attractive and competitive, considering the highest quality of workmanship and materials.

We look forward to cooperation with you.

Team Polgast Sp. z o.o.

We use top quality machinery

The whole manufacturing process, from cutting sheet metal and profile sections, through punching, cutting out

and then moulding and fabricating, and the final finish is carried out using our top quality machines, operated by our qualified and experienced team.

We work exclusively on machines produced by renowned Polish and Worldwide manufacturers. All the machines are modern, which guarantees the highest quality and precision of the manufactured goods.


Work tables

  • standard length of selected models up to 2800 mm
  • work table with splashback on 6 legs to ensure maximum stability
  • inner surface of worktop reinforced with laminated waterproofed board
  • all tables fitted with adjustable feet
  • optional lock fitting
  • moulded handles for easy opening and cleaning
  • this furniture can be manufactured in AISI 304 standard
6 Security Legs

Tables with sink

  • manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304
  • sinks fitted with masking front panel as standard
  • fully welded construction
  • adjustable feet
  • wash trough with fabricated slope directed towards the waste trap
  • optional hole for waste disposal unit
  • this furniture can be manufactured in AISI 304 standard
Acid Protector Surface
Perfect Clean
Acid Protector Sink
6 Security Legs

Storage cupboards, storage racks, shelves

  • welded construction – ensures stability and durability
  • moulded handles for easy opening and cleaning
  • adjustable feet
  • optional lock fitting
  • wall cupboard fittings included
  • static and mobile racks
  • racks with adjustable shelves available
  • this furniture can be manufactured in AISI 304 standard

Trolleys, waste bins

  • castor wheels, two with brakes
  • all trolleys and bins are welded – to ensure maximum durability
  • this furniture can be manufactured in AISI 304 standard

Overshelves, stands

  • welded construction – ensures stability and durability
  • overshelves ready for permanent fitting, optional adjustable feet
  • oven stands have runners for GN 1/1 containers
  • this furniture can be manufactured in AISI 304 standard


  • Solid welded construction
  • It is intended for fitting with sink, troughs and dishwashers
  • It is manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel
  • this furniture can be manufactured in AISI 304 standard

Extractor hoods

  • Extractor hoods, Extraction and air input hoods
  • hoods manufactured from high quality stainless steel
  • two types of hoods: wall mounted and central
  • four types of hoods: extractor, induction – I, compensatory- K, compensatory -inductive – KI
  • extractor- air input hoods ( I ; K ; KI ) of dimensions A˃2600 mm are produced as a joint unit (fitted together) with 2 or more end modules
  • when placing order please quote the type, dimensions, number and location of duct connectors
  • Extractor hoods size A˃2600 mm are produced as a joint unit (fixed with screws) of 2 or more middle modules

Additional accessories:

  • we stock round duct connectors of diameter: 150, 200, 250, 315 - extra cost
  • we stock rectangular duct connectors as follows: 200x200, 315x315, 400x400, 400x200 – extra cost
  • labyrinth-shaped interceptor grease grates – extra cost
  • hood lighting – fluorescent lamps for extractor hoods and air input – extractor hoods, safety level IP65 or LED lighting for extractor hoods - extra cost
  • supply voltage 230 V
  • this furniture can be manufactured in AISI 304 standard

Individual Offer

Are you interested in non-standard products, sizes tailor made to your kitchen?

Please contact us, we will advise you and help you find the best possible solution.

tel. +48 67 256 10 69

tel. kom. +48 509 811 876


Product catalogue

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